Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Birth of a Notion

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

Thor always has been the inventor of B.C. little gang. Some of the best strips Johnny Hart did in the sixties involved Thor's use of a single wheel and all it's slapstick possibillities. All this was introduced at the end of the first year. After 'inventing' the wheel, things suddenly went very quickly in November 1958...

October 15 1958:

November 2 1958:

November 9 1958:

November 16 1958:

November 23 1958:

November 30 1958:


Anonymous said...

I love the comic strips of Johnny Hart. Sorry, but I dont like the new gags of Mastroanni.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

The early B.C. was unsurpassed. I actually like the style of the new B.C., though. I think it is one of the better looking strips on the newspaper page these days and livelier than most. I wish they did more slapstick gags, but at least they went back to the original characters and sarcasm.