Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Smoothest Name in Toothpaste

Wednesday Advertising Day.

A couple of month ago, I showed a series of black and white ads for Kolynos toothpaste by Frank Robbins. At that point I thought I might have found all of them. But this month I recieved a couple of news ones (and in color, too). Some of those unfortunately have no date. I tried to put them all together. Although most of these type of ads appeared twicemonthly, it still seems that this series may have been only once a month. I just mist a couple at the beginning and at the end. Or do they belong inbetween and should there be therefor be more?

Unknown 1946:

August 1946:

September 1946:

October 1946:

November 1946:

December 1946:

January 1947:

February 1947:

March 1947:

April 1947:

May 1947:

May 1947:

Spetember 1947:

Unknown 1947:

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sandy said...

Always great to see Robbins stuff, thanks for sharing.

Shoot me an email if you'd like a pile of Meskin Vigilante. I've got some paper scans.