Monday, November 01, 2010

Just A Normal Gluy

Monday Cartoon Day.

It's time for some more beautifully designed gentle humor bu Gluyas Williams. These samples are all from 1946, which could very well be the last year he did this panel. I found some from 1947, but I can't be sure if those are not reprints.


David R said...

I thing this cartoon is really intriguing - but it's really hard to read. Some of these are unreadable. Did that contribute to its demise, I wonder?

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Well, it ran for long time. But I agree, the text seems long, certainly for out time. Or do you mean the quality of the scans is poor? These came from mircofiche, so that may be the problem. Although there may have been some papers that wuld have had a problem reproducing them. But your must remember that newspaper strips in those days were printed much larger than they are now.

David R said...

Ah! I always assumed that the scans you had were the actual size from the newspapers.

I do see that there's a book on amazon of early stuff from him. I bet a lot of these cartoons are there.

A lot of text, to be sure. Not a cartoon for the twenty-first century.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Though Williams produced a lot of books, none of the twenty year run of this daily cartoon was ever collected, so I wouldn't assume the Amazon book you mention is in does in fact contain any of these. But you are right, it does look like the new Early Cartoons book does collect his daily work. I do not know the publisher or what sourde they used for reproduction. 98 Cartoons seems like very little for the $13 Amazon asks. There are, however, many more to be found at for free.