Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

Here's another lot of Louie gags. I have shown samples of this strip before and I will do so again and again. I have seen a lot of silent strips, but to me this is the absolute best. Others may be weirder or artisticly more chalangig, but Harry Hanan's strip presents a consistantly depressing universe I keep coming back to. The gags may seem mundane, but the sad sack motive is unlike anything that you will find in today's papers and Hana's storytelling and timing is always impeccable. This strip should be taught at cartoon school for that reason alone. The dailies are from 1952 and 1954, the Sundays are my own scans from 1949 and 1956. I have ended with one of the last ones I could find, from 1964.

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Brett Koth said...

Wonderful strips! Please post more of them.