Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Camel or Camels?

I have shown quite a few Camel (or Camels) ads here and they have always been popular. But there are still a lot more where those came from. Camels comic ads appeared from at least 1944 to well into the sixties with a frequency of once every two weeks. Different appraoches were tried, as you can see here. I particulary like the period in the early fifties when they used celebrities in the then very fasionable 'advertising style'. After that, Dik Browne took over, in a series that ran well into the start of Hi and Lois. Did he do the later ones? They certainly look like his work. The only ones I am not showing here (want I want to try and do as complete a post about them as possible and that takes some more scanning) are the Bilko ads by Bob Bugg.

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