Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Vive La Frenchy

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Here is another complete story in Dan Heilman's American Adventure series, continuing from where I left off last time. There have been more historical strips like this in the sixties, but I really like this version, which is drawn by Heilman in the Milt Caniff style (certaily more so than his later succes Judge Parker). Unfortunately, the best dailey paper I had for this strip, dropped it around this time, so I had to make do with copies that were either to dark or too light. But at least you can follow the story this was and enjoy the Sundays, all of which are my own scans.

As we can see from the article, Heilman's assistant on this strip was Bob Zschiesche. Zschiesche was a journeyman newspaper strip artist from the Chicago school. Like Heilman (and Mort Walker, for one), he had his first cartoon published in the Open Road competition of Open Road for Boys magazine. He is noted for assisting Bill Perry in the fifties on Gasoline Alley and even doing the Sunday of that strip in the seventies. The fact that he assisted Heilam for this period is not noted in Jerry Bails' Who's Who, so if anyone there is reading this, it can now be added.

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