Monday, December 27, 2010

Ho, ho, holidays

Monday Cartoon Day.

Last Year I showed around this tme you two Christmas stories by Sigrid Arne, distributed by Asiciated press as part of their all inclusive package. The first one, from 1933, had illstrations by AP staff illustrator Noel Sickles. The second one, from 1941, was illustrated by Hank Barrow. But she did more. The earliest sample I could find is from 1932 and the illustrations are signed MC. From 1934 to 1940, the illustrtions were done by Barrow. Theonl AP associate with the initals MC I know, would be Milt Caniff. I dd not get complete stories this time, but they do seem interesting. I am missing the 1937 one, but I am sure there was one.

1932, Santa and the Magic Doll:

1934, Santa Claus Land:

1935, Santa and the Iron Queen:

1936, Santa and the Viking:

1938, Santa and the Lost Princess:

1939, Santa and the Lost Doll:

1940, Santa and the Giant Killer:

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