Sunday, December 26, 2010

Animated Meskin

Sunday Quick Fix.

Like A Streetcar Named Desie's Blanche DuBois I am dependend on the kindness of strangers. Not only for the many scans from the internet I use for these posts, but sometimes even directly. Last week I was contacted by Sandy Jarrell, who offered me some Vigilante and Johnny Quick scans I didn't have. So today I am immediately sharing one of those, from a Johny Quick story I couldn't show you earlier. The inker is the same Cliff we have seen on the Vigilante stories as well. And a great one it is, with Johnny drawing his own animated version. Thanks Sandy, you make for a great sidekick.

Sandy also provided new scans for Action Comics #64, which I did earlier this year.

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sandy said...

Happy to help, Ger!