Saturday, December 25, 2010

After You, My Dear

Saturday Leftover Day.

Kids puzzle features have been a part of the comic sections for who knows how long. Whenever I come across them scanning papers, I useually skip them, since they are only tangeally connected to the comic strips of their history.There are one or two good ones. I like the one with thte Pixies (and might show some sometime in the future) and there was ne with a professor in the sixties which I liked as a kid (when it was translated for some Dutch kids weekly). But the one I am showing here is quite special, as it was always presented by comic book characters. Most heavily featured are Alphonse and Gaston and Happy Hooligan (probably copyright free by that time), but you'll see others as well. It was distributed by King Feature and I suspect all characters used were from their roste, but I didn't check.

Anyway, I hope it'll gve you something to do over the holidays.

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