Friday, December 24, 2010

Whacka whacka

Friday Comic Book Day.

Is there any good new work being produced these days? Of course there is. One of the most exciting artists at this moment is Roger Langridge. He pioneered webcomics with his website The Hotel Fred. If you want to go and see some fun comics, you should go there and have a look at the Mugwhump Archives. Recently, he has been doing the renewed Muppet Show comics from Boom! and he managed to do the unimaginable: recreating the spirit of the old Muppet Show in a modern context. That is something none of Jim Henson's followers have managed to do since his death. In these books, he combined his love for vaudeville, old jokes and rhymes and was able to draw the Muppets as they should be drawn. Unfortunately, he recently announced to leave the Muppets for private reasons. I hope it was to head a new television version of the Muppets Show, but I guess not.

Here is a much older an lesser known Rger Langridge strip, done for DC's Flinch #13. Flinch was a short running horror comic, that has a special place in my collection for having to many top name creators trying soemthing different. The stories aren't always as inventive, but it certainly didn't deserve to be forgotten as much as it is.

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