Friday, December 17, 2010

The Mighty Penn

Saturday Leftover Day.

I have always loved strips or cartoons featuring comic book artists or cartoonists. One of the best and leas known is Penn Miller by Klaus Nordling. Though visually not as exhuberant as his better know series The Barker and Lady Luck, this short seres shows his skills as a storyteller and lay-out artist very well. Much has been written these days about the first artists to compose the whole page as a visual unit, such as Jack Kirby or Mort Meskin. Together with Will Eisner, Nordling was one of the artists promoting th use of the title lettering in the splash page. I guess Eisner started it, but there seems to have been a rivalry about who could come up with the cleverest design. And my money isn't necessarily on Eisner. The comic book industry lost a great artist when NNordling decided to do something else in the early fifties.

The name of the strip is quite clever, too. I wonder if he even fought a villian called The Sword. This strip ran for a long time in Quality's Crack Comics, but I am showing you some of the later ones.

Crack Comics #47:

Crack Comics #50:

Crack Comics #52:

Crack Comics #54:

Crack Comics #56:

Crack Comics #58:

Crack Comics #60:

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Chris Smigliano said...

These are pretty good! Nice and quirky! And who would beleive a cartoonist would have such influence in a newspaper? By today's standards, anyways..Like to see more!