Sunday, December 19, 2010

Joseph Morton

Sunday Meskin Measures.

More Mort Meskin and Joe Kubert goodness, from Action Comics #68. A couple of weeks ago, I suggested to Dteven Brower to follow up his Mort Meskin artbook with a book on Dan Barry. Well, scrap that. How about an artbook on Kubert? There have been a few books on Kubert and his work, but most of those have ignored his work outside DC. No one artist has so consistantly prodcued quality work for as long a period as he has. And even now, at his age, he is still producing top notch artwork for all sorts of projects. He seems to be a person who lives in the rpesent, not dwelling on his past accomplishments. But surely, a book as nice as the Mort Meksin Book is argument enough for Kubert and his family to open the vaults?

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