Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Calling All Geeks

Wednesday Special.

For a very short article, I am looking for some information about the Rosswell alien. What was the first time a photo of this figure was shown? It seems nowadays every alien creature looks like that. I know the photo's were supposed to have been made in the late forties, but when was this white thin triangular headed creature concieved?

Does any of you comic strip guys know when the first time was it was used in a comic strip of book? I know there is a figure by Bill Morrison that looks like it and is named Rosswell, but he can't have been the first. When did this become the preferred look for aliens and if aliens were ever to land here, would they have to dress up that way to even be recognized?


Ad-hater said...

From Star Trek:

The popularity of the pointy-chinned, big-eyed, big-headed, spindly-bodied alien also corresponds to some extent (I believe) to the popularity of Whitley Strieber's "nonfiction" Communion series of books. That's pretty much how he describes them, and how they were pictured on the books' covers.

wkeil said...

The video of the alien autopsy can be found here:

The story of the film first broadcast in 1995 based on the Roswell NM autopsy can be found here:

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Thanks! That's what I needed!