Friday, January 07, 2011

Company Man

Friday Comic Book Day.

After leaving the Timely bulpen in late 1949, Gene Colan worked for a couple of companies, before returning to Stan Lee to start an impressive run as a war and horror artist. Some of these stories are known at the Grand Comic Book Database and some are not. The two stories from Gleason's crime titles Crime and Punishments and Crime Does Not Pay are noted I am showing today, but just not often seen. I am topping it off with another story not often seen, a sample of Colan's work for DC's romance books. By the time this story was done in the mid-fifties Colan was already doing jobs for Lee again at Marvel, under a pseudonymn that was supposed to keep his editors at DC from knowing he did so. Although how they could miss it with his unique style, I don't know. One of the first stories he did for Lee, by the way, was a western that was signed by Dick Ayers. I should dig it out sometime and show that too.

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