Saturday, January 08, 2011


Saturday Leftover Day.

One of the blogs I follow regularely is Mark Evanier's POV comics and media blog. He posts and provides links often, it's always well written, always interesting and often his interests coincide with mine. This week he had another of his series of photo's of Buster Keaton and wrote about an actor friend of his who does a one man show as comedian Zero Mostel. My post today combines these two things, with a photo-series about Mostel from a 1946 issue of Collier's. I would send it to Mark (who I met once in a discussion group at the San Diego Comic Con), if I would know how to use his reply links or had kept his e-mail adress. So maybe someone can point him here for me.

I am not really a fan of this sort of clownesk stuff when I see it live, but as a photo-session it's pretty neat. Still, I'd love to see a cartoon version of it. Who is the first artist to send me his impression of these expressions?

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