Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Man Of Many Faces

Thursday Continuity Strip Day.

Three weeks ago I showed Mel Keefer's Perry Mason saying there were many more famous crime detctive strips in the fifties. One of the most prominent and longest running was The Saint. It started in the late forties, with Mike Roy as the artist. I have quite few of those sunday pages and will show them as soon as I get them alle scanned in, but I have added one here as a sample. In 1950, Mike Roy began using Jack Davis as an assistant and it showed. I have no longer run of that year, but what I have seen of it looks pretty good (and at least better than Roy's solo work. In the early fifties Roy was replaced by John Spranger, who drew the feature all through the fifties. In 1959, it was taken over anonimously by Bob Lubbers (who was still doing Long Sam at the same time). I have shown some of those Sundays here earlier, which you can find if you follow the tag. After that Doug Wildey did an impressive but short run. All in all too much to show. But since I love to do complete stories here on thursdays, I have chosen to serialize a story from 1952 for this week and the next two, which was compiled by someone else and shared on some forum (I forget which). I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

Here's the story I will be doing of the next few weeks. Starting from the third strip, it is signed by Spranger.

This is one of the last sundays signed by Spranger, but some of it looks like Lubbers' work to me already.

These unsigned dailies are from a transitional period. They don't all look like Lubbers' work, but some of them do, so I guess he might have been ghosting or helping out.

Then Lubbers takes over and the signature disappears.

Finally the strip is taken over by Doug Wildey.

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