Thursday, January 20, 2011

What the Morisi--!

Friday Comic Book Day.

For a short time in the midfifties, they even looked alike a lot. Both were working at Comic Media, where Don Heck seems to have had his start. I really like this early look he had, before he slicked up in the sixties. Morisi likewise, seems to have bulked up for his Comic Media work. Since Morisi had been a round longer than Heck, my guess is, the older artist influenced the younger, but something clearly was going on there. Still, their work looked nowhere as much alike as it does in this rare filler story from Charlton's George Winder Terry and the Pirates reprint series. At that time Charlton was buying up whole books from publishers going under, so there is no way of tellng where this story came from. It could have been from de Comic Media clearance, but Morisi went on to do work for Charlton and the filler story in the Terry book following this one has a filler that seems to have been done by one of the Charlton regulars. So maybe this one was done or finished inhouse as well? I don't know. All I know is, it sometimes looks like Heck did it and sometimes Morisi.

Maybe Morisi expert Ramon Schenk can help me?

From Terry and the Pirates #27

This is how Morisi looked when he worked for Comic Media. This story is from Death Valley #4, a great series, which has some of the best art from the period.

And here are two Heck contributions to Death Valley #6 (where he had another story, as well as rather surprisingly Ross Andru). The first is a one-pager which he seems to have inked himself. The second is inked by someone else and looks less like his own work back then.

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