Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Sweet Robbins of Youth

Wednesday Advertising Day.

I showed you Frank Robbins' ads for Kolynos mouthwater and Bond Street tobacco earlier. Both were from the 1947/48 period. In 1949/50 Robbins returned to the Sunday pages with an ad series for Dr. Lyon's tooth powder (which, as I understand it, was what you used those days to brush your teeth with). My selection runs from mid 1948 to about a year later. If it was monthly, as the double entry for March 1950 suggests, these are only a fraction of the whole lot. I open with three from a year earlier, drawn by Mel Graff, which seems to indicate there might be even more. The last one shown here was in fact the first comic book ad that ever drew my attention, when I saw it in a Sunday newspaper I bought about thirty years ago.

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