Monday, January 03, 2011

Very Impressive Penciller

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

From 1960 to a year after his death Virgil Partch did the daily panel and Sundat
y strip Big George. A year after his death? Well, I haven't got the dates to check that, but is one of the peristing anecdotes of his career tht he had drawn so many cartoons ahead of time, that the syndicate could keep running the strip for that long after he unfortunately died from an automobile accident. If that is true, making it plausible is the fact that for a long time in the sventies, VIP did another daily strip as well. It was called Captain's Gig and was a lot less known (and succesful) as Big George. He used a slightly scratchier style for this one and it allowed him to get a little bit more silly now and then. But still not as silly or even downright absurd as his best cartoons in the forties and fifties had been , helas.

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