Monday, January 03, 2011

Harvey K., Esq.

Monday Cartoon Day.

I am always interested in a bit of unknown Kurtzman. I know he was the cartoon editor of Esquire and as such worked with lot of cartoonists there in the sixties and seventies. he even did some stuff by himself and wrote stuff for others. He did a great christmas story with David Levine, for instance. But this piece, done with Rowland Wilson is new to me. I have to run up to see if it is even mentioned in the excellent Kurtzman bibliography by Glen Bray. I guess it is, but if it isn't that opens up a whole new field of research. Rowland Wilson's work isn't too bad, either. I have been slowly collectiong and scanning it, as I come across it and hope to share some sometime.

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Mickey Quinn said...

These drawings are awesome - I'd love to see more!