Friday, February 11, 2011

A Bald Look

Friday Comic Book Day.

Continuing my look at the work of Dr. Kildare artist Ken Bald, I hav a definitive maybe. According to Jerry Bails' Who's Who Bald worked for ACG in the early fifties. The GCD fills in part of the blanks by showing he did almost all covers for their crime and horror titles of the early fifties. They have no records of the ACG romance titles, but s far as I can see, Bald also did covers for Lovelorn. I don't know if he did interiors, but if he did, this story from issue number one is a possibillity. Then again, when identifying artists, my rule of thumb is: 'if it could be a certain artist, it usually isn't'. Because art styles are often more obvious than you would think. Still, this might be by Bald, so here it is.

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