Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Prosecuting Judd

Thursday Story Day.

After yesterdays advertising work of Ken Bald, I wanted to show you more of the last story of his Judd Saxon series, done just prior to his more famous Dr. Kildare. Interestingly, it was a story using a lot of medical stuff, which makes me wonder if the writer of Judd Saxon wasn't carried over as well. Maybe not, the Dr. Kildare franchise will have had it's own pool of writers. But no one knows if there would be any among them whocould or would want to do newspaper strips. Anyway, Dr. Kildare himself makes no early appearance here. There were some papers that did make the transition from Saxon to Kildare without beating an eye, though. Others replaced Saxon with something else and I am sure many more, just took on Kildare as a new strip.

I tried to find the beginning of the story going when backwards, but when I had reached three month I stopped. This may have been one of those strips that transitioned the stories from one into the other and what we have here may have been the beginning of the last lap. On the other hand, it may have started a week before this with the hiring of a new female employee.

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