Friday, February 18, 2011

Nature At It's Best

Saturday Jacovitti Day.

This week I had no time to prepare another Popjac page, so instead I am showing two magnificent textless drawings from the same creative period of his career. They were taen from the fifth issue of the Jacovitti Club, which was run by the master himself just before his death and for a short time after that. All 18 issues I have seen are filled with great material, often in very good condition. This looks like it could been a poster of some kind, but my Italian isn't good enough to determine it's real origine (or at least not until I have read the 500 word introduction to the issue). Jacovitti was an odd man, an oldfashioned artist who was at times surprisingly modern in his instinctive anarchism.


Disperser said...

This was indeed a single poster with both of those figures, one above the other. The first is "Com'era" which is a contraction which translated to "as it was".

The second part (lower) is "Com'e'" which translates as "as it is".

I own it, and it's framed and hanging in my office.

Disperser said...

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