Friday, February 18, 2011

Would You Believe... Bob Hope?

Friday Comic Book Day.

Yesterday I showed you a bit of Neal Adams' Ben Casey. I have sinde collected the last story of that strip and will share that soon as well. When he finished Ben Casey in 1966, he went to DC. The first work he did there was on Bob Hope Adventures. He drew the last four titles, on scripts by Arnold DRake, who later wrote Deadman with/for him. The Bob Hope stories were drawn in the house style established by Owen Fitzgerald, Mort Drucker and Bob Oksner.


Peter Bangs said...

I've read a small handful of the Bob Hope books and they're superb. Great cartooning and some funny stories. Capture Hope's character really well. Wish they could be reprinted.

ecatto said...

Seriously wonky...and great fun. It's a shame that trademark issues tangle up the reprinting of these classic celebrity comics!