Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Calling Dr. Adams...

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Normally, on thursdays I give you somthing to read. But this time it's just for the pretty pictures. I am still waiting for someone to announce a complete reprinting of Neal Adams' Ben Casey. This medical strip, which ran from 1962 to 1966, I think, was miles ahead of anything then and ever since. As impressive as Adams' art may have seemed to the superheroe fans in the late sixties, it was nothing compared to what he was able to do to the newspaper strip form. I have said here, that I think Lou Fines Adam Ames is the pinnacle of realistic newspaper strip art. But Adams' Ben Casey is far better written and Adams himself outdoes Fine on a regular basis. And that is not even including the Sunday pages, which were masterpieces in and of itself. I have not gone therough the arduous job of collecting whole runs of this stip from NewspaperArchive, because many of the papers running it have bad quality microfiche scans. What I have here repreents the few good ones I could find. And that includes none of the Sundays, alas (which should be seen in original form anyway, as in one of the many art books devoted to Adams; work. I also have read large chunks of this strip when it was reprinted in the Menommannee Falls Gazette and I am always sort of looking to see if I should get the missing issues (pricey as they are). and it wasn't written by Adams himself of course, I know.

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