Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pat Solutions

Wednesday Advertising Day.

On the back of some of the Beetle Baileys I showed 'yesterday' were some more samples of Pat Guinan's supposed Going to Town column (which was actually a very obvious way of packing together a lot of small ads under a column umbrella). Unfortunately I haven't finished scanning those yet, but I did get a lot of new black and white copoes. I have pasted those together with the old ones I had (which do include some color ones). Last time I posted them I mentioned that the series might have been made by Johnstone and Cushing, but after having seen so many Lou Fine ads I am pretty sure he took charge of the account somewhere in late 1950 or early 1951. As far as I know Fine worked from a studio of his own, so if he did not do the ones before that (and my earliest sample is from 1947) I am not sure who were responsible when and why the change was made. At least the vignettes became a lot more interesting when Fine took over.

The series went on into 1954, when it seems it may have been downsized.

May 28 1947:

November 12 1950:

November 19 1950:

Januari 21 1951:

Februari 4 1951:

Februari 18 1951:

March 4 1951:

May 27 1951:

May 4 1952:

May 18 1952:

June 29 1952:

July 13 1952:

Dec 28 1952:

October 9 1953:

August 23 1953:

October 3 1954:

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