Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Sugar Rush

Wednesday Advertising Day.

On the back of some Beetle Baileys I have been scanning, there was one badly cut ad strip I liked a lot. Enough to find a couple more. It doesn't seem to have been a long running series. And the artist may be the same guy who did the Rusy and Dusty series. I added one I have shown earlier. Back in the days when giving sugar to kids didn't seem like a bad idea. Not that I want to propagate the myth that too much sugar makes kids noisy or too energeticc. That has actually been debunked in a very informative BBC documentary about food myths and although parents everywhere say otherwise is has been proven that kids don't actually get louder and noisier when you give them sugar. A blind test even found that parents who thought their children had had sugar found them to be more uncontrolable even when they hadn't! It's just bad for your teeth and fattening...

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