Tuesday, February 01, 2011

When Comic Strip Creators Were Stars

Tuesday Comc Strip Day.

An interesting bit on Alan Holtz' Strippers Guide blog about Bringing Up Father creator George McManus led me to have a look at newspapers from that period to see if I could find a mention or review of that performace. Although I didn't, I did pull up a couple of other interesting pieces I am sharing here. Among those two articles about MacManus marrying (linked to his then current newspaper strip The Newlyweds and Their Baby) and a stage musical version of The Newlyweds being tried out in Chicago. I did not yet find if that show ever reached New York, but a precious one based on his strip before that, Penhandler Pete, did make it and seems to have been quite a succes. Eat your heart out, Spiderman. I have also added a couple of samples from that strip, including the one that was used for the marriage article.

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