Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Guessing Time

Wednesday Illustration Day.

While I was looking for some more George Wunder stuff, I came across a feature that immediately caught my eye because of the signature. I would have had a look at it anyway, because of the ody pleasing desng of it, but the G.T. signature combined with the solid cartoony lok makes me wonder if we are in fact looking at some early work by comicdom's great George Tuska. Stylisticly, it would fit. But according to Tuska's bio he as in the army in 1952. Now all of this could been done before he joined, possibly for the Fox outfit, where he worked for some time. Indeed, towards the end of it's eight month run, we see the same illusttrations return again and again... and even that G.T. signature now and again. But it doesn't get any better than that first announcement, though.

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