Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Peanut Butter That Doesn't Want To Grow Up

Thursday Advertising Extra.

I am a bit busy today and not even at home, so I am doing something easy... here's a rare ad I have been trying to find an excuse for...


Smurfswacker said...

As a kid (one who watched "Sky King" on TV just like the ad told me to) I was confused by the fact that "Peter" Pan was obviously a woman. After I saw Mary Martin as Peter in the television play, my folks explained that on stage women traditionally played Peter. But I'd also seen the Disney feature, in which Peter was a boy. Why couldn't couldn't the peanut butter company didn't draw a male Peter, too, I asked.

Guess I just asked too many questions. Still, when I was 16 I ate half a jar of Peter Pan peanut butter and boxed 10 rounds. So it was all worth it.

rnigma said...

Peter Pan on the peanut butter jar wasn't depicted as male till around 1970 or so. Why they used to put Peter in a dress and heels, instead of the more traditional elf-like costume, I'll never know.