Friday, March 18, 2011

Rumble In The Concrete Jungle

Thursday Story Strip Day.

I have been looking at romance stories from the fifties these days. One of the artists involved with the was Jack Sparling. I keep confusing him with John Spranger, one of Jack Cole's replacement artists on Plastic Man. Anyway, this shortlived strip from 1955 was by Sparling.

I am sorry I haven't yet got a full story, but from what I see here, I don't think that was the main attraction of this strip.


Smurfswacker said...

This all looks like genuine Jack Sparling to me. Did some source indicate John Spranger ghosted this strip?

Personally I never saw Sparling use assistants. He seems to have been a speed demon supreme. While he had his good points, as the years passed his work became sloppier and sloppier. In the 1960s Sparling was King of the Hacks in American comic books. It was an odd moment when Marvel assigned him to a few superhero books, with inkers like John Tartaglione and Joe Sinnott finishing his work.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Sorry, I keep mixing up these names. It's Jack Sparling, of course. John Spranger was the Quality and Eisner artist. And then there was Dick Sprang and there is a Dutch artist with a similar name as well...