Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Come And Be Merry

Thursday Story Strip Day.

There may be story strip silent sequences out there, but I did not find any. Instead I have chosen to present today a longer run of Disney's Little Hiwatha. This sunday only silent gag strip ran for about three years under the Silly Symphonies banner and if I understand it corrctly, it was even considered as a feature film subject at the time. The text is by Dick Huemer and the art by Bob Grant, who also did the Merry Menagerie series of cartoons I so much like. With all the love that is given to Floyd Gottfredson's Mickey Mouse (and rightly so) I am surprised not more people are equally impressed by Grant's animated style of this strip. Maybe because it ran for so short or because the strip was later worked into the ground in the comics?

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