Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Filling The Big Shoes

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

One of the weirdest strips I have ever come across must be Small World by the artist Briers. It is clearly based on the succes of Peanuts, but it has a tone and humor so much of it's own that it really stands out. Where Peanuts revealed an almost serious and adult world of kids, Small Worlds seems to be based on the premiss that it's about kids playing to be a family, with father and mother smehow wearing there parents dresses and shoes. I just love the image that gives, even thugh the gags are a bit mundane here and there. I don't know where it came from, I don't know where it went, but that Briers guy must have been some weird cookie. The second scans here is one I made from my own cliped collection of this strip. My love of American newspaper strips came erly in my life. About thirty years ago, I went to a university library and made copies of the comics page of the Eurepean Edition of the Herald Tribune, to get runs of Frank Frazetta's Li'll Abner, Dick Tracy, Sherlock Holmes, Pogo and Beetle Bailey. This little gem was one of the extras. I made photocopies and clipped those and gued them int little books of my own. So what I am saying, I have many more pages where these came from. It'll just take some time to scan them...

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David R said...

I actually think this is a pretty cool premise that could easily work today. I can see where this one was a little off the mark, though. Something about the humor is a little off.