Friday, April 08, 2011

Follow the Line

Friday Comic Book Day.

And while we are at it. From the same issue of Out of the Shadows comes this nidentified story. The GCD says it could be by Joe Orlando, but the action and the use of speed lines makes it more like Alex Toth to me.

In the comments some of my visitors suggest this story might be by Nick Cardy and I agree. What didn't make me think of that, is the fact that there is a story in the same issue that is credited to Cardy. Still, these things happened. In the next issue there also is a story that I thought it might be by him, but then I thought it could just as well hve been by Bill Savage and then I lost it. I have added them both.


Smurfswacker said...

Great hunks of this look to me like Nick Cardy, who worked on other Standard comics. That face in panel two of the last page, though, is so Jack Sparling that it's spooky. However nothing else in the story looks like Sparling to me.

jhegenbe said...

Yep, Nick Cardy

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Well spotted. The difference between this and his other stories is that here he is inked by someone else. Maybe Mike Peppe?

The Seditionist said...

My inclination is Cardy pencils on the first story, Cardy or Cardy-esque inks on the last and that's it. But you know I'm not so good at this, Ger!