Saturday, April 09, 2011


Saturday Leftover Day.

Back in December 2009 I did what I consider one of my alltime best posts, about the writing career of Stan Lee in the fifties. It tied in with my article in Alter Ego at the same time and in it I listed all stories I could find plus a few new unsigned ones. And I gave as many samples as I could, excluding those from Menace, which has so many Stan Lee stories, that I feel you should just go and get the reprint book if you are interested. Unfortunately, that post is not nearly as much visited as referred to as I would have expected. Still, in the years between then and now I have been adding story samples and titles to the list. It will be up for as long as this blog continues and I hope it will becaome the ultimate source for this information. Here is a pretty story I added today. Stan Lee only worked with the best for his own stories and George Tuska is just that, one of the best.

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