Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Marks The Mouse

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

After showing the silent Mickey Mouse Sunday from 1942, I decided to go and find a onger run of Floyd Gottfredson's Mickey. I had a month's worth of dailies from the Asian Edition of The Stars and Stripes, a wonderful paper for any strips that are in there with the best quality reproduction I have found on all of the microfiche scans on NewspaperArchive. In March 1955 they expanded their comics strip run with a full pages of new strips, including Mickey Mouse. Most of their strips were not reprinted on the day they were originally in the the US. The Mickey Mouse run, although started in mid March, they start from jJanuary 17th. Turns out I chose one of the longest stories Gottfredson and Bill Walsh did, so you'd better sit down for this one. The actual story started earlier in January, so we are missing the start. But you can figure it out as it goes along. Finding and clipping the scans was a bit of a repetetive job, so I have actually missed a few dalies along the way. And since the daily dates are not corresponding with the publication date going back to find those is not something I am looking forward to. So, I hope you can ignore those gaps and enjoy the beauty of Gottfredson's lively art.

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Richard Ranke said...

Oh thank you so much for the 1955 story of Dr.X. I have been wanting to read this story ever since I read about it in a magazine and it was wonderful to see it here in it's entirety. This was Gottfredson's last long adventure story before the strip switched to just jokes later in 1955-which was when the Mickey Mouse Club first came on television. (I was almost one year old then and the original Mickey Mouse Club had to be the first show Mom turned on to keep me quiet for an hour.)