Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tooting my own horn

Wednesday Advertising Day.

As I seem to be doing comic book stories the whole week, I thought I'd share some more Captain Tootsie ads. They were run by just about every comic book company from roughly 1945 to 1955. A list of all available titles has never been made, but I believe someone at the FCA is working on it. The early ones were done by C.C. Beck, after which Bill Schreiber and Pete Costanza joined in. Some of them were either done as newspaper ads as well and it would seem to me the comic book ones were adaptations of the newpaper ones. Frankly, it's a mess. All I can do is collect them whenever I come across them, which I don't even do religiously. I have show quite a few before and there maybe doubles. But a part of me thinks it would be nice if a complete list can one day be made.


ethan said...

Ahh that's excellent, really love the work and illustration! I think Tootsie should also be printed on infusion wall art

Arthur said...

Classic stuff, i'd love to get some prints of these.

Canvas Prints said...

My dad has still got banksy prints somewhere.. great memories.