Thursday, April 14, 2011

When papers still had space

Thursday Story Day.

This is turning out to be 'impossibly long posts' week. Last Tuesday I showed a long Mickey Mouse sequence. Today I have an equally long sequence from George Wunder's Terry and the Pirates. Earlier I showed a sequence from 1952. This one is from the same paper, the Tokyo edition of the Stars and Stripe. As I have said earlier, it has about the best microfiche scans I have ever seen. In the case of Terry, it also has Sunday pages which were printed in black and white. As terrific as the coloring on this strip was on Sundays, it often ruins the black and white scans I normally get from NewspaperArchive. But here, you can have a good look at the strip and all the work that went into it. Some say too much. Well, see for yourself.

Those interested in George Wunder's work should follow the tag and look at some of his rare earlier work I posted a couple of months ago.

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