Friday, May 20, 2011

Heroes and Legends

Friday Comic Book Day.

Having done stuff from Boy's Life all week, I couldn't just finish today. In fact, I have enough for another week and that is even before I have covered the second half of the fifties with the coming of Irv Novick, George Evans and Tom Scheuer. And then there is the sixties..! But don't worry, I'll hold something back.

If I were to do a book on Boy's Life, I think the different bios and other one historical one page stories they did would feature big in it. Not only do most of these still hold up, they were drawn by a cross section of Boy's Life contributors. Most of the time, they didn't sign leaving us in the dark about their identity. But sometimes they did sign, which helps identify other pages.

Anyway, here we have selections from Leonard Starr, Alex Kotzky, some pages which I think could be by Harold Sharp and two features which are in the Browne/Fox/Williams style I mentioned earlier this week. Only these two ar so stylized, that my guess would be that they are by Gill Fox. If you follow the Fox tag, I have shown a Boy's Life page he signed earlier.

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