Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Where No Boy Has Gone Before

Thursday Story Strip Day.

More from Boy's Life. Spave Conquerors was one of the longest running strips in their comics section. It started right in the first issue and was there almost everytime after that. It was signed by writer Al Stenzel and there were several artists over the whole period. Most famous is Lou Fine, who did it in the sixties (whith a short break when he started his newspaper strip Peter Scratch). Regular visitor and commentor here Smurfwhacker did a selection of them, which lead me to disovering the complete Boy's Life run at Google Books. You can find his post here: I have decided against representing all the Space Conqueror strips here. Instead, here is a longer run from 1955. At that point there see m to have been several artists involved. One of them could be Hal Sharp, who was a signing regular at the Boy's Life Comic Section. But I am not fmiliar (or interested) enough with/in his style to be sure.

As with all these Boy's Life posts, the image gets better is you click it.


Henry R. Kujawa said...

Last year, while idly doing a Google search for "Wayback Machine" (the name of my blog), I discovered that it was also the name of the BOYS' LIFE website. They actually had every page of every issue (or nearly so) online, though, I feel, in a format that made it almost impossible to read or really appreciate.

Back in the late 60's, I had a one-year subscription to the magazine, and fell in love with the SPACE CONQUERORS! strip, never guessing it was, at the time, illustrated by the same guy who did the layouts for the 2nd & 3rd seasons of SPIDER-MAN (the dark, demented episodes).

So anyway, I spent several weeks on a labor of love-- TEDIOUSLY downloading every episode (it wasn't easy!!), then cleaning them up, and RE-POSTING them at my blog. THE ENTIRE RUN!!! So now fans like me could enjoy the thing much easier, and with MUCH better-looking images.

It all starts here... ENJOY!

Man MKE said...

Thanks to everyone who's helped resurrect "Space Conquerors." I began reading the strip in the late '50s as a Cub Scout and was very unhappy when it went away. Boy's Life also featured a lot of science fiction short stories, including some Robert Heinlein serials, and was remarkably intelligent and open-minded in reviewing books and movies off the mainstream that had fantastic or SF elements. Anyway, I still have a few dog-eared originals but now I can peruse BL and "Space Conquerors" in particular via the Web. Thanks, guys!