Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hey, it's Arnold!

Tuesd Comic Strip Day.

Last week, I showed a couple of March Sundays from a satirical little strip I had never seen before, called Arnold. It turns out to have been a Sunday only strip, that started life as a college newspaper strip and which ran for only a couple of months. All I know about the strip and the artist comes from the announcing article from January 4th. I went back to my sourse and am proud to show you every Sunday of the short run of this strip. This is not all, of course. Over at The Stripper's Guide blog some commenter said he had seen the strip as a daily in the Ithaca college Newspaper. There is a color version of the top tier of the June 25 Sunday at the Dutch Lambiek website, which must come from another paper. And all the Sundays shown here except for one are two tier versions of what obviously was a three tier strip. All that remiand is to hope that either the artist or one of his reletives is still alive and tell us a little bit more about what might possibly be the first college newspaper strip to get national syndication.

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Ger Apeldoorn said...

Bas Schuddeboom of Lambiek tells me the sample they have at their website is from a Canadian contributor and may b from the Toronto Star.