Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Bugg In A Rug

Wednesday Advertising Day.

Monday I said that that day's subject Bob Bugg never had a strip of his own. But he almost sort ofdid, actually. And I have shown some of those earlier. In the late fifties he did a two weekly Sergeant Bilko strip for Camels cigarettes. I have almost the complete run of those and one say I will get around to scanning them all in and making a complete run of it here. For now you will have to do with just a couple more. If you like them, you can follow the tag to see others. Including one in black and white that I have in color here. The one tier version sis a new oddity that I had never seen before. I don't know if it was a cut down version of a normal one or especially made. My guess is the former.

Camels apparently used an advertising agency that liked doing newspaper comic ads. Their run of ads from the earlier fifties with celebrity endorsements is famous and I have a couple more of those as well. Again, their are more if you follow the link.

Inbetween those two series, in the mid-fifties, they did a short run of a more comical series drawn by Dik Browne (with or without help of Gill Fox). These represent some of Browne's funniest and best drawn advertising work and seemed to have gone on even after he started Hi and Lois and 'left' advertising. Again, there is more in previous posts.

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