Thursday, June 02, 2011

Lead us on, Paul

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Last time I showed some of Paul Reinman's work I did not get a lot of response. Still, I like his early work for Atlas and the Merrie Chase strip he did just before that. He took over Merrie Chase from Carl Hubbel in February 1950, as I showed earlier. Here is his first two months after that. The dailies are okay, but the sundays are the best. They show a different style than the superhero work he did before this or the horror and war stuff he did for Stan Lee a year later. It seems his run on Merrie Chase (and the whole strip, probably) ended at the end of November, so there is much more to show if I get around to clipping it.

I'll start with a spotty selection of January strips, so you can see the last of Carl Hubbel's work, after which I'll repeat my previous post about Februari. After that comes March and April.

Carl Hubbel's last daily:

Paul Reinman's first daily:

Hubbel's last Sunday:

Reinman's first Sunday:

I am still collecting March, but I'll post it as soon as I have it.


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David R said...

I like the idea of this strip - it's a good example of a strip that totally wouldn't work today because the gender roles have to be so clearly defined in a stereotypical, sexist fashion for the premise to work. I like the first artist - sort of cross between Al Capp and Bob Montana.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

@ David: Carl Hubbel did a lot of similar and very good work for Atlas in the midfifties and worked with Joe Kubert and Norman Maurer on some of their titles at St.John. I will try and show some of that work some day. I like his work. It reminds me of Bill Elder's in a gentle, middle class way.

@ Cathrine: Has anyone ever told you your mails sounds as sincire as a NIgerian internet scam? I will try and find out more, but you didn't leave a trace.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

It gets more and more interesting when I start researching Cathryn Meyers. If you google the phrase 'My name is Cathryn Meyers' you get loads of hits with the same message, but nowhere is this supposed blog directory to be found! I am intrigued. In the past other blogs have linked to me an I to them, but never was any sort of formal agreement made or even necessary.

David R said...

Bill Elder! Good call. Totally see that.

jhegenbe said...

I have to agree. There's a lot of Willy Elder here IMHO.

Nick Caputo said...

Hi Ger,

Thanks for posting these strips. Reinman is a very interesting and much maligned artist, but throughout the years he has produced some very nice work. His style is quirky, but quite unique.

I wrote a short article on Reinm,an for Alter Ego some years ago and wish there was more info on his later years. From what I've been able to decipher, Reinman did his share of paintings and a few cover commisions, as well as (possibly) movie posters. Perhaps someday someone will track down family that can give us a better understanding of Mr. Reinman.

Nick Caputo