Thursday, May 26, 2011

Say It Saint So

Thursday Cop-out.

Sorry for the black-out of the last few days. I had intended to expand my coverage of the Saint strip in the period between the end of John Spranger's run and the beginning of Doug Wildey's. I have shown earlier that some of the firt unsigned strips seem to have been done by Bob Lubbers. At least, I think it is him. Wikipedia has the same information, but since they have appropirated my scan of an october 1959 Sunday, I am not sure where they got their inforation. Anyway, I took in on myself to gather a more complete run of Lubbers' run, but it seemed to run longer than I expected. I am now up to december 1959 and he still seems to be there. Doug Wildey starts signing the strop on january 11th 1960, although it looks as if he was on it before that as well. H doesn't sign the Sundays all through february, but all my scans are two-tiers and the signature for The Saint usually was in the first (dropped) tier of the three tier version. Since I don't want to show you the thing until I can let you read the actual story, here are the first signed strips by Wildey and some from the week before that. You'll have to wait for the rest.

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