Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chillin' Chill'en

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

Howie Post is an artist who is well represented and well respected on the internet. Many illustrators and animators admire his work for the acting of his characters and the well thought out placement of his designs. John Kricfalusi has devoted several post to the design of Post's Harvey comics on his blog. I have show several other stages of Post's work here. His Walt Kelly imitations in the forties (which, according to his writer Jack Mendelsohn lead him to do several pieces in the Walt Kelly style in the later issues of Kelly's Dell ttitles when the work on his new strip Pogo took all of his time). I have show the funny teen stuff he id for StanLee in the late forties and early fifties and the funny animal stuff he did for him three years later. I have even shown some of his horror and satire stories in a more 'serious' style. I was never a fan of these and of his later serious work on a primitive man series I believe was called Anthro. Nor am I a particular fan of his shortlived gag strip about a couple of dropouts living on a deserted island. It wasn't the art that disappointed me, but the gags. There is something about guys in their fifties doing gags about twentysomethings that just doesn't work.

Still, it presents a nice body of work and here are some samples. Again, you have to click on them to get a better view, especially the Sundays.


Xris Parsell said...
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Xris Parsell said...

Wow! Thank you for posting these...I took a class with Howard Post at the School of Visuals Arts and he would never show us the Dropouts.

I've always wanted to see more than one or two examples at a time.