Monday, June 27, 2011

Something Familiar, Something Peculiar

Monday Cartoon Day.

Some more of Virgil Partch impressively funny cartoons. He was the cartoon editor for True for almost twenty years (as far as I know). As such ], he was doing the letters page illustrations, where you can see him doodling without making a specific gag. I have shown some of these before and have many many more.I just have to remember to remove them from my scan file after I have placed them here to make sure I won't be showing any doubles. Follow the tag for more.

Hm. Lately some of my inages have been a bit fuzzy on the blog page. They are alright if you click them, though.

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Eli Stein said...

Just caught up with this post today, and thought I should straighten you out regarding VIP's status at True Magazine. Virgil Partch was never the cartoon editor of True -- that would have to be Bill McIntyre. McIntyre was the long-time editor there, and VIP was his favorite contributing cartoonist. I think you would have a hard time finding an issue of True under McIntyre's editorship that didn't have at least one VIP cartoon in it. And that also explains why VIP's sketches appeared so often on the editorial pages.
Eli Stein