Thursday, June 16, 2011

Who's Mad?

Thursday Little Extra.

As regular readers of this blog will know, I am preparing the luanch of the new Dutch Mad this summer. To accompany our offer to the stores, we produced our first piece of artwork, which I am proud to share with you. It is pretty Dutch in subject, of course.

The text on the right means Mad is back, since it has been 15 years referring to the fact that there was a Dutch Mad. The text underneath says the hunting season has been openend and the character on the right is Dutch tv presentor Paul de Leeuw, his pose and expression based on the Copperone ad, of course, but also very fitting to his exhuberant and shameless personality.

The art has been produced by David de Rooij, a very talented young Dutch artist, who just finished a animation studies in Rotterdam. For that made a great short called Slim Pickings, which I can hightly recommend if you run across it on the interwebs.

By the way, for the Dutch Mad, I am looking for Mad #504, the one with the canary case on the cover. I missed it when it appeared and can probably use some of it for upcoming issues of the Dutch Mad. Anyone who can get one for me or provide me with some scans, please contact.


Mike Lynch said...

Congratulations on getting this out there, Ger! I missed seeing you at the 2011 Reubens! Maybe next year, huh?

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Hey, maybe october!

Angeline said...

For a moment I thought the poker read "CLAM"...
Not bad a drawing - hooves retouch visible, though, and the figures are floating a bit.