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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wig Wad Bankers

Saturday Leftover Day.

Regular visitors of my blog will know that I was the editor of the Dutch Mad for a year. we managed to produce six issues I am very proud of. But most proud I am of the series I did with Dutch artist Mars Gremmen. In every issue we did three sadistic jokes about a group of universally hated people, such as 'end of the world profetists', 'nurses' or 'referees'. It was called Mars Attacks. Well it wasn't, the Dutch title Mars Rekent Af... translates best as 'Mars Takes On...' and that's what I have been using, but I just now thought Mars Attacks would be perfect. In these episodes from Mad #2 he takes on 'bankers'. I thought it would be great for the American Mad as well, but they didn't snap it up.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Final Account

Saturday Leftover Day.

So the Dutch Mad stopped with issue #6. What I'll miss most is working wit the hugely tlented Mars Gremmen. Together we did did three pages of his series Mars Rekent Af (Mars Gets Even With) in every issue. For #5 we did soccer referees. It'll probably not mean as much to my American friends as it does to us, but maybe the Australians and British will egt it. I'd give anything to be able to continue this series.

Friday, January 27, 2012

It's A Dutch, Dutch, Dutch, Dutch Mad

Friday Comic Book Day.

This week the third issue of the Dutch Mad came out. It had our regular Funnipasti pages as well as three pages of Mars Gremmen Deals With... Disaster Prophets. And the 11 dumbest things and Persons of 2011, Dutch style. here are some highlights (all issues are available for anyone everywhere at

Introducing our Mad Eleven for 2011 with art by Gerben den Heeten.

Commenting on the Junior Minister for Culture's savaging of the budget. With art by Jorge de Vos.

Famous criminal takes a movie company to court for misrepresenting him in a movie. With art by actual court scetch artist Aloys Oosterwijk.

A bacterial outbreak in Germany leads to a widespread fear of all raw vegetables. With art by Bernard J. Vonk.

63 year old woman delivers a baby, art by Willem Ritstier, Willy Lohman and Serge Beaken.

Prime Minister Rutte makes a costly calculating error, art by Stef de Reuver.

And finally, our Maddest artist, Mars Gremmen delivers new episodes of his series Mars Takes On...

There is more in the actual magazine of course. Now available in a newsstand probably not very close to where you life.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Help wanted!

For the third issue of the Dutch Mad I urgently need readable scans of Mad #490. I am considering using the Dexter or the 30 Rock parody, but I would like to see them first and know how many pages they are. If anyone can help me, please contact me here.

Anyone have this issue? Is the Dexter parody even a full parody or is it something else?


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Mars

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

Tomorrow the first issue of the Dutch Mad will be published here in Holland. I am very proud of the result and would love to share all of it with my American friends. On the other hand, giving it all away online may not be such a good idea. So here are two samples, a slightly older version of our cover (with one minor mistake in the text we repaired at the last moment) and the first of three pages by Mars Gremmen. he does a feature I am very fond of, called Mars Rekent Af..., which roughly means Mars Finishes Off... In this series, he will take on a new deserving group. In the first issue it's Luddites, in the second one it will be Bankers or Investors, etc. If you want to see more, you can subscribe on our website, The cover is by illustrator Wouter Tulp, who will probably be our regular cover artist.

I am also very pleased with this Hugh Laurie caricature with one of the 'Fundalini' items Milan Hulsing (whose graphic novel City of Clay is doing very well all over Europe).

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Who's Mad?

Thursday Little Extra.

As regular readers of this blog will know, I am preparing the luanch of the new Dutch Mad this summer. To accompany our offer to the stores, we produced our first piece of artwork, which I am proud to share with you. It is pretty Dutch in subject, of course.

The text on the right means Mad is back, since it has been 15 years referring to the fact that there was a Dutch Mad. The text underneath says the hunting season has been openend and the character on the right is Dutch tv presentor Paul de Leeuw, his pose and expression based on the Copperone ad, of course, but also very fitting to his exhuberant and shameless personality.

The art has been produced by David de Rooij, a very talented young Dutch artist, who just finished a animation studies in Rotterdam. For that made a great short called Slim Pickings, which I can hightly recommend if you run across it on the interwebs.

By the way, for the Dutch Mad, I am looking for Mad #504, the one with the canary case on the cover. I missed it when it appeared and can probably use some of it for upcoming issues of the Dutch Mad. Anyone who can get one for me or provide me with some scans, please contact.