Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wig Wad Bankers

Saturday Leftover Day.

Regular visitors of my blog will know that I was the editor of the Dutch Mad for a year. we managed to produce six issues I am very proud of. But most proud I am of the series I did with Dutch artist Mars Gremmen. In every issue we did three sadistic jokes about a group of universally hated people, such as 'end of the world profetists', 'nurses' or 'referees'. It was called Mars Attacks. Well it wasn't, the Dutch title Mars Rekent Af... translates best as 'Mars Takes On...' and that's what I have been using, but I just now thought Mars Attacks would be perfect. In these episodes from Mad #2 he takes on 'bankers'. I thought it would be great for the American Mad as well, but they didn't snap it up.


Angeline B. Adams said...

Mars seems to be channelling Don Martin with the guy in the pink suit in the first strip... Or was that deliberate?

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Don Martin was one of the actual influences on mars' work, but he did amp it up a notch for this series. His timing and weird sense of humor is all his own, though.