Sunday, May 18, 2014

Howdy Doodit?

Friday Comic Book Day.

My friend and regular visitor Stephen DeStephano has recently shared some of Howdy Doodys newspaper strips by Chad Grothkopf on Facebook. I like those as well, in fact there are some to be seen here if you use the label (and check out Grothkopf Alice in Wonderland from the forties). But I also like the Dell comic book version of this famous television character. It had a long life and I have collected about all of them. There seem to be a few different artists, some more wonkey than the others. It has a great storyboard/slapstick feel and I am sure Stephen (himself a designer on the recent Mickey Mouse shorts) will enjoy these a lot.


sdestefano said...

I'm a designer on the new series of Mickey Mouse shorts, Ger, but I appreciate the shout out!

rnigma said...

"Howdy Doody" was the first comic book based on a TV show. (And his newspaper strip may have also been the first TV-based one.) Dell and later Gold Key would of course glut the market with TV adaptations, well into the '70s.

The Ninja Turtles' favorite exclamation, "Cowabunga!" originated on "Howdy Doody."

Rich Clabaugh said...

I'm a huge fan of artist Dan Gormley, Who did some great Andy Panda comics, some of this looks like his stuff. He uses that squiggly black shadow shape for sure.